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Plants Lists


The list below is only a small portion of what we grow; it's just the "staples." At Morningside we carry all sorts of wonderful plants and we generally focus on our personal favorites (of which there are many). That often leads us to grow gorgeous perennials, herbs, native plants, and succulents, among other things. If you're looking for something special, just contact us, we might have it or be able to grow it for you. 


Succulents (Rock Garden Plants)






ACHILLEA (yarrow) 

'Parkers'Golden yellow. Strong, tall variety.

Strawberry Seduction'Bright strawberry pink flowers.

sibiricaGreen. Glossy foliage  with light pink flowers. Different look than other Yarrows. 

millefolium  nativeWhite flowers. Native form. From VA. Seed.

AGASTACHE (anise-hyssop) 

 'Golden Jubilee'Unique golden foliage, blue-purple flowers and  fragrant leaves. Bee and butterfly plant.

 'Globetrotter' 40in. tall plants, produce dense spikes of lilac-pink flowers, reddish brachts.

 'Blue Fortune' One of the best and strongest Anise Hyssops out there.  Nice blue flowers on vigorous plant.

 'Bolero'Vivid, rose purple flowers over bronzy-green foliage. 

ASCLEPIAS   (butterflyweed/milkweed)

tuberosa   native Orange butterflyweed. Attracts many butterflies.

incarnata  native Swamp Milkweed. Pink flowers

i. 'Ice Ballet'  native White form of Swamp Milkweed.


 'Woods Purple'   native Shorter than most asters with  purple flowers

New York Aster  native Wild form of one of our native asters. 

BELAMCANDA (blackberry lily) 

chinensis Orange flowers with iris-like foliage. Gets its name from  the Black seed-heads.   


Porto Spineless Large silver leaves & thistle-like flower-heads. Full sun, good drainage.


superbum 'Brightside'  (Shasta Daisy)  Bright white 4inch single flowers. 30in. Tall

COREOPSIS (tickseed)  

Moonbeam'15in tall. Pale yellow flowers all  summer. Green needle-like foliage. Re-blooms if cut back

rosea Pink flowers on needle-like foliage. Prefers moist soil. 


Firewitch' Spreading, low-growing form with magenta blooms.

amurensisBlue-pink flowers over green foliage.

Zing Rose Bright rose-red fragrant flowers bloom most of the summer. Green leaves 

DIGITALIS (foxglove) 

lutea True perennial foxglove.  Small yellow flowers. 

mertonensis True perennial foxglove.  Deep pink with contrasting  crimson spots.

purpurea 'Apricot' Unique apricot orange color. 4ft. tall. Biennial.

purpurea  'Giant Shirley' Delightful mix of colors with extra large flowers.

DELOSPERMA (hardy ice plant) 

cooperii Rose-pink flowers from summer. through fall over succulent foliage. Needs good drainage

ECHINACEA (cone flower)  native 

purp.'Ruby Star' native Vivid, rose purple flowers over bronzy-green foliage.

purp.  'White Swan'  native Creamy white flowers  & a gold cone.

FRAGARIA (alpine strawberry) 

 'Alexandria' Suitable for pots. Small edible sweet berries.

GAILLARDIA  (blanket flower) 

 'Burgundy'  nativeTall glowing wine-red flowers blooms midsummer. 30in. tall.

 'Goblin' nativeYellow and red bi-color. Compact. 12 inches.

HELENIUM (sneezeweed) 

Red /Gold Hybrids native daisy-like perennial. Mixed color flowers in late Summer.

LIATRIS (gayfeather)

spicata nativeLavender-rose flower spikes in mid-summer. Good cut-flower. 

LOBELIA  (cardinal flower) 

cardinalis native Native. Brilliant red flower spikes in late summer. Prefers partial shade. Moist soil.

siphilitica  native Great Blue Lobelia. Native, with blue flowers. Moist soils.

LYCHNIS  (Rose Campion) 

coronariaMagenta blooms over silver foliage. Vigorous self-seeder.

c. 'Angels Blush'Delicate white/pink bloom, silver foliage, drought tolerant.

LYSMACHIA (creeping jenny) 

num. 'Aurea' Golden foliage groundcover.


bradburiana  native1-2ft  tall. Lavender  blooms attract butterflies,   hummingbirds and bees.

fistulosa nativeWild Bergamot. Lavender blooms, highly scented foliage.

 'Jacob Cline'  native4 to 5ft. tall. Red blooms attract butterflies, hummingbirds.

PLATYCODON (balloonflower) 

Sentimental Blue  Dwarf variety, only 6in. high.  Blue buds look like balloons until flower opens.

RATIBIDA (Mexican hat) 

pinnata native Yellow coneflower. Likes clay soils. Prolific bloomer. Prairie native. Sun.

Columnifera nativeRed and yellow flowers . Sun.

RUDBECKIA (blackeyed susan)  

triloba nativeGreat short-lived self-seeding plant. Works well in sun or part-shade.

maxima nativeBig, bold, blue leaves with light yellow flowers & very large  brown cones. To 6ft. tall.

 'Goldsturm' native Golden yellow flowers with black centers. Blooms July-Sept.     2-3 feet tall. 

RUMEX (bloody sorrel) 

sanguineus Very ornamental, large dark green leaves with red veins. Drought tolerant once established

SALVIA (Sage) 

Black & Blue 3' tall. Deep blue flowers, June through October.  A hummingbird favorite. 

Silver Sage Grown for its silver foliage, large, dense, furry ovate leaf, pink-white flowers

SEDUM  (stonecrop) 

Album 'Coral Carpet'Small rounded,  succulent green leaves change from  to coral  to reddish bronze in winter.

Fuldaglut'Red foliage. Red flowers in July. Good groundcover.

John Creech'2 in. tall. Spreading sedum with pink blooms. Good groundcover.

hispanicum minus 'Purple Form' Blue gray foliage in summer, then changing to deep blue in cold weather.  2inches tall.

lineare 'Variegatum'Narrow sucullent pale green leaves with creamy variegation.

Reflexum 'Blue Spruce'Mats of blue-green pine-like succulent foliage. Great groundcover for dry , hot places.

Rupestre 'Angelina'Golden, succulent, needle-like foliage. Very unique. Great in pots, borders &   baskets.

sexangulare Dense carpets of fine green foliage. Ground cover.

ternatum   nativeWhite flowers in early Spring. Unlike most Sedums prefers part-shade, moist soils.

Tricolor' Green & white with splashes of red. 3-4in high. 

tetractinumYellow flowers. Flat, round foliage that turns reddish bronze in fall. tolerates part-shade

Weinstephaner Gold'Low groundcover with gold flowers in June. Red seedheads.   

SEMPERVIVUM (hens and chicks) 

Mixed' Medium green with reddish cast.


 'Homestead Purple'large purple flowers from May through the summer until frost.  Tender Perennial.


filamentosa native Evergreen, ornamental, desert looking plant with long sword-like leaves. White flowers.







Korean HyssopLicorice flavored herb with purple flowers. Bees love this plant. Good herb for teas.


Meadow Arnica Great medicinal plant for sore muscles, bruises, sprains etc…


African Blue Highly scented purple/green leaves with purple flowers.  Good cut flower.

Greek Columnar3 feet tall. Very upright grower.  Good basil scent.

Osmin PurpleDarkest purple leaved basil

Lemon ‘Mrs. Burns’Light green leaves with white flowers.  Strong lemon scent and flavor.

Spicy Globe1 ft. tall. Tiny green leaves.  The best for growing Indoors. Great basil flavor.

Sweet ‘Genovese’Best basil for culinary use.  Great in pesto.


Deeply cut edges on blue-green leaves.  Cucumber/walnut flavored leaves.


Regular 1-2 ft.  Heart shaped leaves.  White flower spikes.  This is the one cats love. Home tested

Lemon Same flavor with a hint of lemon.. Heart shaped leaves. Cats like this one just as well.


GERMAN Low growing. Small daisy like flowers sweetly scented,  used for tea. ANNUAL

ROMAN Evergreen perennial with feathery leaves. White daisy-like flower used in herbal tea


Regular/Garden Long grass-likeleaves. Small round lavender flowers are edible. Mild onion flavor.

Garlic Slight garlic flavor and thick flat leaves with white flowers.  Self-Seeds.


Vietnamese Part shade. Flavor similar to cilantro.  Does not bolt like cilantro.

Cilantro Wide delicate lacy green leaves and a pungent flavor.

CELERY (cutting) 

Leaf Celery 18 inches.  Dark green foliage resembles flat parsley. Leaves used, both fresh and dry.


Bouquet 28-30 inches. Compact plant. Dill seed used in pickles, vinegars. Leaves for salads etc.


Bronze Licorice flavered herb with feathery purple foliage. May self-seed.


Single-flowered bushy plant with light green leaves and small, daisy-like white flowers. Medicinal.

FRAGARIA (alpine strawberry) 

 'Alexandria' Suitable for pots. Small edible sweet berries.


Indian Pennywort Pretty creeping tender Perennial. Medicinal. Said to improve memory.


White. Medicinal herb as well as culinary in teas and candy.



Bright green leaves with spikes of showy blue flowers. Good bee plant. Medicinal.

Pink Hyssop Bright green leaves with spikes of showy rosy-pink flowers. Good bee plant. Medicinal


Hidcote 12-18 inches.  English Lavender.Silver gray foliage with deep blue flowers.

Provence 2-3ft tall. Hybrid with more vigor than English Lavender. 


A/K/A  Melissa Will grow in part shade.  Lemon scented toothed green leaves.  Good for tea. Spreads!


Sweet 1-2 feet. Savory sweet flavor.  Used in soups and stews.  Pink and white flowers. Tender

Compactum Stronger than regular Sweet Marjoram. A bit more hardy. Upright plant.

Wild Pink to purple blooms in midsummer.  More Oregano-like flavor. Hardy and spreads.


Apple 2-3 feet.  Apple scented large bright green leaves.

Curly Big crinkled leaves with a strong Spearmint flavor.

Chocolate Peppermint Patty-like flavor

Ginger Pleasant apple-ginger scent.  

Grapefruit 1 foot. Mild spearmint/grapefruit flavor.  Light green  foliage.

Kentucky Colonel Old fashioned Spearmint with big leaves. Great in Mint Juleps

Peppermint Strong mint flavor. Good for hot tea before bed.

Pineapple Green and white leaves with a pineapple flavor.

The Best One of the finest spearmints around. Smaller leaves than Kentucky Colonel.


A/K/A Calamint Hardy perennial that grows wild in Italy and is used in the traditional cuisine of Tuscany.


Cuban Bright green succulent  leaves with loose upright habit.  Sweet flavor, Pungent!

Italian right green leaves with loose upright habit.  Sweet, Marjoram-like  flavor, small flowers. 

Greek Strong grower, very pungent flavor. Used in Italian and greek cooking.


Moss Curled 6-8 inches.  Curly leaf, best for garnish.

Italian Flat 6-8 inches.  Flat leaf.  Best flavor for cooking.


European Pennyroyal Ground cover.  Great mint scent when crushed.  Not edible.


Hill Hardy 3 feet. Needle like gray-green leaves on upright plants..

Prostrata Trailing habit. Blue flowers in winter.  Good container plant. Not Hardy 

Salem 1-3 feet. Hardier then most. Upright habit. Shiny green leaves, light blue flowers.

Shenandoah 12-36 inches. Bright green leaves. Very aromatic. Hardy in our garden.


A/K/A Ruta Lacy blue-green leaves with yellow flowers from mid-summer into fall. Medicinal.


Clary Biennial. Ornamental withfuzzy grey leaves. Beautiful blooms second year. Allow to seed!

Garden 2 feet.  Gray-green lance-like leaves, with blue flowers.  Strongly aromatic. Culinary.

Golden Green and gold leaves. Similar flavor to regular Sage.

Mexican Bush 4 feet. Purple flowers in fall. Very ornamental. Tender Perennial.

Pineapple 4 feet. Light green leaves with red flowers in fall.  Great pineapple scent. Tender 

Purple 1-2 feet. Mild flavor, Purple  leaves with purple stems.  Very beautiful in the garden.

Tricolor' 1-2 feet. Use same as garden sage in recipes. Beautiful garnish.

White Burned  to cleanse the spirit & welcome positive thoughts. Tender Perennial


Winter 12  in. Pungent flavor. Good culinary herb. Good  in soups, stews and sauces.

Creeping Winter 3in.tall.  Great flavor and is a hardy groundcover.


Woundwort Medicinal herb  with small purple flowers. Is found growing wild naturally.


Hypericum perforatum Medicinal herb that is championed by its practitioners as an almost universal cure-all.


Texas 3-4 feet. Anise- like flavor . A  good substitute for tarragon as it thrives in our climate.


English 6-8 inches.  Round very green leaves.  Upright habit.  Most popular thyme  for cooking.

Golden Lemon Upright form with yellow and green leaves.  Great lemon scent and flavor.

Green Lemon Upright form with bright green leaves.  Great lemon scent and flavor.

Mother of Thyme 5 in. tall.  Creeping habit habit.  Strong grower.  Good culinary variety.  Groundcover 

PA. Dutch Tea Thyme Semi-upright with distinct tea-like fragrance. Unusual.

Silver Edged Silver edged small leaves on  mounding plant.  Great for container.

Winter Thyme 9 inches.  Very upright habit.  Strong grower.  One of our best culinary varieties.


Common 36 in. tall. Bitter leaves were important ingredient in Absinthe. 


White Ornamental white flowers over fern-like foliage. Many medicinal uses.




Native List Coming Soon! (There are lots)